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10+ years in advertising

300+ Awards in communication & creativity

Creative Direction | Copywriting | Storytelling | New Gen Advertising  & Strategy | Social Media Advertising &Consultancy   

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I’m a new gen creative director and undeterred dreamer, despite to my 15+ years of experience in communication!

After 6 years of work period with prominent communication experts of Turkey, I focused on digital and moved forward my career in online advertising, social media and digital marketing. Obviously, no regrets came after my decision, when examining more than 300 awards I won in the past years and the uncontainable victory of digital revolution itself. 


I love collaborating with directors, artists, contemporary creatives, engineers, comedians, virtuosos as well as young local talents. I never saw data and researches as soul sucking creativity killers, contrarily; interpretation of data brings effectiveness to creativity according to me. After I get the brief, my process begins immediately with social listening for insights and ad hoc researches to ensure the creative approach. AI is my new partner in crime.

I have been privileged to receive over 300 awards spanning across various domains such as advertising, creativity, effectiveness, marketing and communication, both locally and on a global scale. My unwavering dedication to supporting the community has always been a cornerstone of my passion. I am honored to be a part of Turkish Advertising Creatives Association as a Board Member. I take role as Advisory Board Member at Yeditepe University Faculty Of Communication & also lectured Creative Thinking in Visual Communication Design at Yeditepe University. 

I’m in love with;
AI, Viral & Native Advertising, Digital Communication and marketing Strategies, Local Humor, All kinds of Storytelling, Writing & Filming DocuSeries, Mockumentaries and of course my beloved family.

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